Author: vijaykumar

Hi, this is Vijay Kumar, a Senior SEO Executive. I am working in Outright System Pvt Ltd where we work for the CRM software and its services. I do the tasks like Email marketing, Content marketing, PPC, Technical SEO, and so on. I have 3+ years of experience in this field and even I love to write well-articulated blogs related to the topics such as CRM, Mailchimp, Trello, Twilio, API, etc.

SEO automation tools, as the name suggests, are software that is used for automating tedious tasks in search engine optimization. It cuts you some slack and you can focus on other aspects of digital marketing and business strategies. Without delaying anymore, let’s dive into this article. What is SEO Automation? In simple words, SEO automation is defined as automating SEO tasks by means of software applications. Automation allows you to simplify the workflow and also saves time. Implementing automation in SEO means, you won’t need to put as much manual effort as before and you can automate the mundane and…

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